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LidoKing® is proud to offer 99.9% pure lidocaine powder at the lowest possible prices to individuals, businesses and institutions for research, education and product development.

Lidocaine HCl (C14 H22 N2 O) - also known as xylocaine, is an off white slightly bitter powder commonly used with a cream or gel base to produce a topical anesthetic. Lidocaine HCl is also widely used as the fundamental ingredient in local anesthetics.

LidoKing® lidocaine powder is the highest quality pharmaceutical grade lidocaine available. Certificate of Analysis and MSDS (material safety data sheet) are included with each order.

FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING! We are committed to shipping all orders via USPS Priority Mail within 24 business hours.

Lidocaine powder or any other products furnished by LidoKing are not to be used for the manufacturing end products, drugs for public use or consumption, mixing with diluting or adulterating existing drugs or for any illegal or inappropriate use.
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10 Grams Lidocaine Powder
10 Grams Lidocaine Powder
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100 Grams Lidocaine Powder
100 Grams Lidocaine Powder
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25 Grams Lidocaine Powder
25 Grams Lidocaine Powder
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250 Grams Lidocaine Powder
250 Grams Lidocaine Powder
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