100 Grams Lidocaine Powder
!00 Grams Lidocaine HCL

100 Grams Lidocaine Powder

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100 Grams 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade lidocaine powder. You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase Lidocaine HCl powder. Lidocaine HCl powder furnished by LidoKing inc./LidocainePowder.com are to be used for legal research, experimentation, educational purposes, or product development. Not for end use. Lidocaine is not to be used for the preparation of illicit drugs, or for any illegal purposes as defined by the statutes of State and Federal Law. Purchaser shall not now nor ever rely upon LidoKing inc./LidocainePowder.com in the selection or use, or instruction or proper use, of any chemical, product, or services provided.

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